Everything you need to know about imgZine


imgZine was founded in 2011. The founders, Marijn Deurloo
and Bert Kok, were inspired by the success of iPad apps like Flipboard, Pulse and Zite. They realized that the publishing industry was undergoing a massive disruption, driven by the convergence of storytelling, advertising and technological innovation. They sought to provide publishers with their own branded real time magazine and help them embrace these changes in the industry’s landscape.

It soon became clear that the imgZine platform was not only suitable for publishers, but also for corporates and organizations.

imgZine is part of the ORTEC Group. ORTEC is one of the largest providers of advanced planning and optimization solutions and services.

imgZine has created a platform for the effortless publishing of real time social magazines on mobile devices, based on existing content. Our platform consists of a content publishing platform, native tablet and smartphone magazine apps and an analytics dashboard.

Our developments are aimed at researching reading behavior in the new lean back age. On the one hand, we seek to help our customers retain their relevance in this mobile era. On the other hand, we strive to offer readers more enticing content experiences and smart filtering options.



Marijn Deurloo MBA (founder)



Marijn is an experienced intra- and entrepreneur. He studied Aeronautics & Avionic Engineering as well as Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Delft’s Technical University. As IT director for MKB-Nederland, the Dutch umbrella organization for SME’s, he founded MKB-net, one of the first internet startups in The Netherlands. He held several tech-related senior management positions at Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) and founded and managed Telegraaf Internet Services. Marijn has been an independent entrepreneur since 2007.


Marc Roos



Marc is an experienced all round senior executive with over 15 years experience in various leadership positions in online and media. The vast majority of his career he worked at Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) responsible for transforming businesses towards growth and, starting up new activities (TTG Sweden). His last job was COO of TMG Online. After TMG he worked as a consultant helping online organizations to overcome ‘growing pains’ entering the next stage in organizational development by structuring growth and strengthening the internal organization.

Wilbert Smits B.Sc



Wilbert started his career at Telegraaf Media Groep, where he held several positions ranging from web developer to project manager and Enterprise Architect. During his time as Business Consultant for Emerging Services at Ordina Consulting, he was responsible for managing several innovation projects for large customers, including Rabobank.


Jeroen de Jong

Delivery Manager


Jeroen has been managing projects all his professional life. With his background in IT science Jeroen has vast experience managing projects in smaller and large organizations ranging from non profit, government to commercial organizations. He also worked as product manager sports analytics and business consultant oil and gas. Most of those projects he worked on for ORTEC, which has a strong relationship with imgZine.


Roel van der Made

VP Technology


Roel has many years of practical experience in technology and IT security. Over the past years, he has completed successful projects at Telegraaf, such as Speurders.nl and Dft.nl, and eBay, where he was responsible for the technique behind Marktplaats.nl and other eBay classifieds websites. During his job at imgZine, he also received the CISSP certification, which is a globally recognised standard of achievement that confirms an individual’s knowledge in the field of information security.



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