imgZine launches The Optimus Play app by ORTEC

A close collaboration between ORTEC USA, ORTEC Australia and imgZine has resulted in a beautiful event app: the Optimus Play app. ORTEC will use the app during multiple ORTEC events, including the Optimus Event in Melbourne (which took place on March 5) and the Optimus Event in Atlanta, which will take place on March 23. The app keeps visitors up-to-date with the latest news before, during and after the event and is available on smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

How to create a workplace that enhances employee and customer engagement

Companies that want to be part of the next generation of impactful businesses should embrace a totally new way of employee and customer engagement. In their book Engage!, Karin and Sergio Volo offer a guide to create a workplace that you, your employees and your customers love. imgZine had the opportunity to interview Karin about their approach.

Join our network event on 3 March at the Mobile World Congress 2015!

From 2-5 March, the Mobile World Congress 2015 is taking place in Barcelona and of course, imgZine is present. The event focusses on the newest technology trends that will shape mobile in the years ahead. In collaboration with Dutch Mobile Networking and, we are also hosting a mobile networking event in Barcelona on the 3rd of March – from 03:00 pm to 04:00 pm. The event is for our customers and all mobile professionals that are attending the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. If you would like to connect and talk about mobile innovation with a beer in the hand, we hope to meet you! Be there: Ailaic Passatge Utset, 14, 08013 Barcelona.

imgZine launches Douane inZicht e-zine

We are happy to announce that we have successfully launched an e-zine called Douane inZicht, which keeps readers up-to-date with the latest developments within Dutch customs matters. Next to this web platform, imgZine will also release an iOS and Android app in the coming weeks.

imgZine selected by IBM for the Global Entrepreneurship Program

imgZine has had a good start to 2015, with the selection for IBM’s Global Entrepreneurship Program for cloud startups. With this program, IBM helps early-stage tech startups change the way the world works. In accordance with the program, IBM will provide support and resources to help us enhance the imgZine platform for internal and external communications.

London Underground’s Head of Internal Communication: “Don’t get left behind in 2015!”


Heather Wagoner - Internal Communications at London UndergroundThe third Internal Communications Conference will be held in London from March 23 to March 25, 2015. The event is for Internal Communications and Employee Engagement leaders to learn about the latest developments in this fast-changing marketplace. London Underground’s Head of Internal Communication and Engagement, Heather Wagoner, will share her insights on keeping up with the industry’s changes at the conference. imgZine got the opportunity to interview her and learn more about this exciting topic.

How to listen to your target group through mobile surveys

Mobile surveys have never been easier. You capture respondents anytime, on any device. But do people actually like to fill in surveys through mobile devices? Dutch research company Ruigrok | NetPanel examined the preferences of consumers and the functioning of iBeacons when carrying out a survey. Their findings were presented during the annual Marketing & Insights Event (MIE) in Utrecht. Check out the results here.

Forrester: mobile commerce will more than double in the coming years

More and more people are buying things on their phone or tablet. This mobile commerce will more than double in the coming years. Forrester estimates that 49% of online retail, travel, and daily deals sales in the EU-7 (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK) will occur via mobile phones and tablets by 2018.

An inside look at eBay’s data-driven internal communications [interview]


From March 23 tBen Matthews from eBay, head of internal and external communicationso 25, the third Internal Communications Conference will be held in London. eBay’s Head of Strategic Communications Ben Matthews is one of the event’s key speakers: “We as communicators need to better speak the language of the business. Using insights in the right way can drive great outcomes for Internal Communications.” imgZine got the opportunity to interview him about his data-driven approach to communications.

17 stats on mobile usage that show the Dutch just love mobile

With the proliferation of mobile usage, marketers are wise to treat mobile not as an extension of their communications strategy, but to take a mobile-first approach. During the annual Marketing Insights Event (MIE) in Utrecht, research company Ruigrok | NetPanel continued to emphasize the importance of mobile. They did research on mobile usage in the Netherlands throughout the year 2014, published a book on the results and presented the most important ones at the event. Check out the stats here!

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