Snapchat plans to add journalistic articles

According to The New York Times, photo messaging start-up Snapchat has big plans for the future. Rumours are spreading that Snapchat is going to collaborate with a select group of media companies to offer a wide range of journalistic articles, videos and photos in the app. This would include content from companies such as CNN, ESPN, National Geographic, Vice and Yahoo.

Hundreds of interesting digital statistics in 376 pages trend report

We Are Social recently published a comprehensive trend report of 376 slides on worldwide statistics for the internet, social media and mobile usage. We picked three statistics that show how mobile usage is changing and shared the complete slide deck with you.

imgZine issues HR Technology award at Employee Engagement Awards 2015

Next week, the annual Employee Engagement Awards is going to take place in London. As our internal news application goes hand in hand with increasing employee engagement, we are proud to announce that we have been given the opportunity to hand over the employee engagement award to the most innovative company in one of the fifteen employee engagement categories at the event.

Why personalization should matter to marketers

In a 2013 study by Conversant, three out of four US senior-level marketers and agency decision-makers already agreed that personalized messages will be more effective than mass messages in online communities. They agreed that “personalized one-to-one marketing is the future”. Seen in this light, positive research results on offline personalization don’t drop out of the blue. A 2014 study by Econsultancy and RedEye suggests that it’s equally important to personalize online and offline communities.

Facebook launches Facebook at Work

Facebook has started a pilot with Facebook at Work, which allows employees to access the website for internal messaging. By doing so, Facebook takes up the battle against other major players such as LinkedIn and Yammer. For the time being Facebook at Work can only be used by a limited number of partners. The app is available on Android and iOS.

How the customer journey has changed with the arrival of the mobile age

Our first post in this series covered the unique characteristics of mobile communications and what these can offer marketers. Our second post in the series, discussed how content marketers should actually use mobile to add value to a company’s business strategy. One reason for this is that many marketers struggle with the role of mobile devices and do not know how to translate it into their content marketing strategy. So, what exactly is the role of mobile devices in the customer journey?

Understanding value creation in the mobile industry

In a previous post, we mentioned the unique characteristics of mobile and how these offer exciting new opportunities for content marketers. However, as Holland already explained in her study, content marketers should ask themselves an important question before adding mobile to their content marketing strategy. Are they only being driven by the novel potential of the technology or are they really adding value to their company’s business strategy?

Poor user interfaces cause many enterprise app failures

The look and feel of a mobile app is crucial for a positive user experience. That’s why here at imgZine we put a lot of effort in the design of our apps. And rightly so, because research of app developer Kony shows that a poor user experience is the leading cause of enterprise mobile app failures. The survey focussed on enterprise mobility and involved 340 respondents from leading global brands. 50% of the respondents say their projects fail to lock or get approved because of user interface issues.

imgZine is proud to support Amsterdam, which took the 4th place in Global Cities Ranking 2014

Last week, PwC published the report Amsterdam – A City of Opportunity. They compared thirty global cities to provide a holistic view on how successful cities thrive in sustainable urban development. Out of the 30 global cities studied, Amsterdam was found to be the fourth city on the list. The first three cities are as follows: London, New York and Singapore.

Content Marketing: what are the unique characteristics of mobile?

As Sinisalo said in 2010, mobile content marketing allows companies to communicate with customers in a unique and engaging way. But what does it mean to be mobile? What effect do mobile devices have on marketing communications, and what are the strategy implications of the unique characteristics of mobility? In order to determine how mobile media can help you reach your marketing communications goals or objectives, content marketers should first consider the unique characteristics of mobile. We have listed the most important ones in this post.

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