MobileDoc goes international!

MobileDoc, a personalized app from Reflexion Medical Network, is now multilingual. In order to provide a personalized reading experience, readers can fill in their health care profession, country and language, which includes English, Dutch, French and German. Based on this information MobileDoc is able to target relevant news and advertisements to individual users.

imgZine opens up new business opportunities for news agencies

At the MINDS International conference in Vienna last week, imgZine presented a new proposition for the 20 attending news agencies. The idea is to combine forces in a partnership. imgZine can offer companies a great solution for an internal communications app,while the news agencies have the quality multimedia content to enrich the user experience.

Meet imgZine at the 3rd Internal Communications Conference in London!

This year, we’ve got a lot of really exciting events in the pipeline. From March 24 to March 25, we’re attending the Internal Communications Conference in London. The event is hosted by BOC and is for Internal Communications and Employee Engagement leaders to keep up with the latest developments in this fast-changing industry.

Usability of the intranet vs. internal communications apps

Last week, we attended the Congres Intranet 2015, a yearly Dutch intranet conference that covers innovative intranet solutions and workplace collaboration. One of the event’s lectures focused on the usability of intranet systems. Ike Breed, usability researcher at MetrixLab, presented the lecture. One of the points that stuck with us from her lecture was that “employees often use their intranet with the underlying idea that they will have to go with it rather than that it helps them in their daily work life.” Is that the case? Is there really no alternative to the intranet?

Meet up with imgZine at the Congres Intranet 2015 in Utrecht

On March 17, the 7th edition of the Congres Intranet is taking place in Utrecht and imgZine will be there! During the event, key speakers will discuss the latest developments in the field of intranet, enterprise social media, knowledge management and the digital workplace. As we love to meet new people, we would like to meet up with you during the event!

Vote for imgZine to win a Wild Card for TNW’s Conference!

imgZine has been selected as one of the five fastest growing startups in The Netherlands. We’re proud to be part of the Dutch Tech5 competition, hosted by The Next Web, for the second year in a row. Now, we need your help to win a Wild Card! This card gives us the opportunity to represent the Netherlands at the speaking slot of TNW Conference in Amsterdam on April, 24.

imgZine selected for the European Tech5 Competition by TNW!

For the second year in a row, The Next Web has selected imgZine for the European Tech5 competition. The Tech5 competition is an online competition hosted by The Next Web and global technology provider Ayden. Their aim is to search for Europe’s fastest growing young tech startups.

imgZine launches The Optimus Play app by ORTEC

A close collaboration between ORTEC USA, ORTEC Australia and imgZine has resulted in a beautiful event app: the Optimus Play app. ORTEC will use the app during multiple ORTEC events, including the Optimus Event in Melbourne (which took place on March 5) and the Optimus Event in Atlanta, which will take place on March 23. The app keeps visitors up-to-date with the latest news before, during and after the event and is available on smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

How to create a workplace that enhances employee and customer engagement

Companies that want to be part of the next generation of impactful businesses should embrace a totally new way of employee and customer engagement. In their book Engage!, Karin and Sergio Volo offer a guide to create a workplace that you, your employees and your customers love. imgZine had the opportunity to interview Karin about their approach.

Join our network event on 3 March at the Mobile World Congress 2015!

From 2-5 March, the Mobile World Congress 2015 is taking place in Barcelona and of course, imgZine is present. The event focusses on the newest technology trends that will shape mobile in the years ahead. In collaboration with Dutch Mobile Networking and, we are also hosting a mobile networking event in Barcelona on the 3rd of March – from 03:00 pm to 04:00 pm.

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