Localytics study confirms huge increase in app returns through push notifications

Last month, Localytics released its annual App User Retention study. Once again the results underscore the importance of having an effective push notification strategy. The study shows that push messaging is a prominent key element that underlies user retention, which is referred to as ‘the percentage of users who return to an app eleven or more times’. Check out the results here!

An increase in user retention in both the USA and China

The Localytics study found that apps using push messaging have higher rates of user retention, both in the USA and China. Of all people who receive push messages in North America, 56% return to an app eleven times or more. With 37%, this percentage is considerably lower for the app users that don’t get push notifications.

Localytics study 2015: app user retention rate by push enablement in the USA.

Localytics study 2015: app user retention rate by push enablement in the USA.

Even though overall rates of user retention in China are different from the USA, return rates for Chinese app users with regard to push notifications are also significantly higher. Looking at users who return eleven times or more, the findings reveal that apps enabling push notifications have much higher retention rate than apps without push notifications (35% vs. 15%, respectively).

Localytics study 2015: app user retention rate by push enablement in China.

Localytics study 2015: app user retention rate by push enablement in China.

The study underscores the importance of an effective push notification strategy to ensure that users keep returning to your app. As push messaging offers a fast way to interact with users in real-time, a considerable amount of companies are starting to use push messaging more often. Check out our 10 tips to create an effective push notification strategy on how to develop a strategy that fits your app!

Here you can read the full report of the Localytics study.


5 tips on increasing user in-app time spend and user retention

BI Intelligence’s report shows that the total number of apps we are using hasn’t changed much over the last few years. However, users are spending more and more time with their three most favourite apps. For marketers it becomes more important to focus all their efforts on increasing user in-app time spend and user retention. Find out more about the different tactics and tips here!

4 reasons why personalisation became a standard consumer expectation

These days, consumers aren’t coming to stores for the prices or the comparison – they can easily find better alternatives to both online. They are looking for an experience that can’t be copied online: a personalised experience that is worthy of a trip. In order to strengthen this offline experience, more and more industries also provide their customers with a personalised online communications experience. But why there is this need? We listed four important reasons.

News app users are most loyal to their apps

According to the quarterly State of Mobile Advertising report by Opera Mediaworks, news apps are the apps to which users are most loyal. Users who have downloaded apps in the category of ‘News & Information’ have the most consistent first and last app of the day usage across the entire month. In addition, news apps have the smallest relative change in its audience size between morning and evening.

imgZine’s revamped news algorithms create a more personal reading experience

We’re very proud to announce that imgZine has launched a new version of the recommender engine. The engine looks at the reading behaviour of our end-users and in this way is able to quickly provide them with relevant articles and other articles that might be of interest. So, what’s new?

imgZine develops beautiful event app for KM Australia

We’re happy to announce that imgZine has been selected to develop an event app for the Knowledge Management Australia 2015 conference: the KM Australia app. The app’s goal is to keep attendees up-to-date with relevant news updates before, during and after the conference, which takes place on August 4-6, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.

Vodafone Germany goes mobile first with imgZine’s internal news app!

We are proud to announce that imgZine has launched an internal news app for Vodafone Germany: “V – die Vodafone MitarbeiterAPP”Marijn Deurloo, CEO of imgZine: “imgZine’s Enterprise News App proved to be a perfect fit for Vodafone Germany, as they were looking for something like a corporate Flipboard – a mobile platform to optimise communications to employees and stakeholders. As curation and aggregation of content were important requirements for Vodafone Germany as well, imgZine’s platform was an evident choice.”

imgZine makes strong commitment to the Greek labour market

imgZine has made a conscious choice to support the Greek economy by hiring additional staff in its office in Heraklion. In this way imgZine tries in every way possible to support the local economy in the difficult times in which Greece currently lives.

imgZine releases internal news app for IBN!

We’re delighted to announce that in imgZine released an internal news app at IBN, who offers employment opportunities to people distanced from the employment market. The app is developed to meet IBN’s needs to keep employees up-to-date with the latest company news. After all, a great company culture keeps employees involved, motivated and excited for the future of the business!

8 key drivers of employee engagement

WeSpire recently launched their annual report ‘The Evolution of Employee Engagement’, in which it examines how organisations engage their employees. They identify three emerging trends driving today’s engaged workplace: Engaged employees have great managers, provide transparent communications, and give employees choice in their work or let them collaborate on company outreach activities. Check out the key findings from the survey here!

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