imgZine’s platform is featured in Samsungs Executive Briefing Center


We are very proud to announce that imgZine is now partner of Samsungs Executive Briefing Center in Delft! Samsung developed a high-end experience center to showcase integrated technological solutions in a broad spectrum of industries, from retail to healthcare, hospitality to education. imgZine’s platform is being presented in a business environment, a showcase of how…


Gamification ft. employee engagement


As a human we love to play games, why? It simply brings out the child in us, it’ s fun and makes us more creative and imaging. It might not be the first thing that pops up on your mind but games can be a very effective communication tool. We see a movement here; the…


Vodafone Germany wins two new leading awards with their internal news app!


We’re really proud to announce that our customer Vodafone Germany has been rewarded for their internal news app ‘V- die Vodafone MitarbeiterAPP’ for the second time in a row. The app, which imgZine developed in June last year, is rewarded with two prestigious German Stevie Awards. Last Friday Vodafone Germany officially received the German Stevie…

Communications in the financial world

How can internal and external communications reinforce each other?


The workplace of a communications professional is changing. The lines between internal and external communications are blurring because of today’s digital work environment. Traditionally the internal communications department has been responsible for company messages that employees receive and marketing was sending information to customers and target groups. By the advent of new tools and devices…